Opening of Info Hub Level 5 Space for Study

Dear Students,


The Info hub Level 5 will be open up in the afternoons after lunch to 5.15pm from Monday 26 September 2016. This is to give you a conducive space to do your revision for the EOYs and for the Sec 4s as you gear up for the ‘O’ levels.

These will be available to you:

Brand new study carrels 
- 14 brand new study carrels have been arranged near the glass panels to capture natural light for those who prefer to have private space to do their work. Priority will go to the S4s to use these carrels.

Tables & Chairs 
- Tables to sit about 22 people will also be available for quiet study and there will still be the usual sofa chairs and the single chairs that you can also use.

4 Discussion Rooms 
- The 4 Discussion Rooms will also be kept open. There is a booking roster outside the door for you to fill up. Again the priority to book these rooms go to the S4s. If, however, no one books the room after you, you may stay on to use the room.

However, on the days that the Career Guidance Counselor is in SST, she will be using Discussion Room 4. Please take time to say ‘hello’ to her and do take advantage of this very experienced and highly qualified counselor to help you make sound career decisions, which include which JC, IB school or Polytechnic to go to or subjects to take at Upper Sec.

The tables in the Discussion Rooms are meant to sit 6 people. Discussion Room 4 is larger so 8-10 people could still fit into that room.

Access to the Level 5 Info Hub will be from Level 5 doors, and not via the staircase from Level 4. This is to enable you to bring your bags in. There will be no access to Level 4 from Level 5 or vice-versa.

Our request is that you do not leave your belongings to reserve spaces and that you be responsible for the use of space and also respect that others in the Info Hub are there to study. Hence please do not relocate furniture and do keep the place tidy, safe and quiet.

The usual SST Code of Conduct & the application of 4 Rs of Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Reflection are expected of you.

We will be monitoring the use of venue for a fortnight (Yes, we have CCTV cameras and security mirrors installed) and will consider recommendations for better use of the space and the furniture there. We have already requested light bulbs be changed to ‘day light’ bulbs which would work better for studying.

We appreciate your feedback to help us make the space work better for you. You can contact Ms. Patricia Ng or you can approach her in the Info Hub if you have feedback or further queries. You can also approach Mdm Julie, the librarian as she is less a Mad Hatter than Ms Ng.