Volunteer Student Librarian Application

Dear Students,

Do you have passion to see the Info Hub running effectively & developing its role into a research centre? Do you have an hour or two to spare? If you have answered 'YES' to the two questions, this is an opportunity to be part of the Info Hub Team running the Info Hub & promoting the Info Hub and its services to your peers as well as staff.

Job Description :
  • act as a Info Hub representative to promote Info Hub ettiquette
  • design and update Info Hub Blog
  • design promotional posters
  • write, illustrate for book reviews or talk about good reads during assembly
  • conduct Info Hub orientation
  • help students and staff use the Info hub facilities effectively
  • assist during Info Hub events e.g. Book Display, Info Hub related competitions
  • survey users for ideas to enhance the service
  • issue and return books & magazines
  • shelve and tidy book and magazine displays
  • help in maintaining books and magazines
Qualities needed:
  • reliable and responsible 
  • friendly and helpful
  • able to work without supervision
Benefits :
  • obtain librarian skills training, certificates & badges
  • acquire media literacy skills which be used for NYAA (Skills)
  • get the chance to represent the Info Hub in competitions 
  • receive leadership opportunities
  • be the first to preview new books, magazines and audio visuals
  • have the satisfaction of contributing to the improvement of the Info Hub
Interested students may apply for the volunteer student librarian position here . Successful applicants will be notified for a interview session at a later date with Info Hub Committee teachers.

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