Grammarly Education

SST subscribes to Grammarly Education (Premium) an automated writing tutoring program, that has more features than Grammarly Free

Grammarly Free  
  • helps users develop sentence-level writing skills like grammar, punctuation, sentence  structure, and vocabulary usage
  • reinforces proper citation habits by directing users to improperly quoted content in their  texts
  • encourages users to revise their writing, helping to improve the quality of written assignments/reports/proposals which users turn in.

Grammarly Education (Premium) has added advanced features like:
  • consistency in spelling and punctuation and checks English fluency for the correctness
  • full sentence rewrites and formatting for better clarity
  • word choice and word and sentence variety for better engagement
  • tone suggestions and inclusive language for more precise delivery
  • citation style formatting for standardisation in academic writing
  • genre-specific and style guides to ensure consistency
  • plagiarism detection to ensure the originality of work
  • snippets for more efficient repeat communications
  • brand tone checker for better efficiency and directness

if you do not have access to Grammarly Education (Premium), applicable to SST Community only